ExpressVPN – Installation and Speed Testing


In this guide we will go trough the process of purchasing, installing and setting up ExpressVPN on a Windows PC. The process is similar on many devices, the only difference will mainly be the app installation process which is different for every platform. If you need more information on the benefits of a VPN take a look at our guide on Safe and anonymous internet browsing using a VPN

Express VPN Purchase Process

ExpressVPN HomePage

First of all we need to go to the ExpressVPN main page. From here you need to proceed by pressing the Get ExpressVPN button. This will take you to the purchase page. From here you need to choose a plan. This can be for 1 Month, 6 Months or 12 Months. The latter is the best priced overall and also comes with a 30 Day no questions asked money back guarantee.

ExpressVPN Pricing Plans

To complete your purchase all you need to do is enter your email address and choose a payment method. There are various ways to pay including Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin and many more. You should receive an email with you account details and a link to your account page with all the information you need to proceed to the next step.

ExpressVPN Payment Methods

Techify Tip: If you wish to remain completely anonymous we suggest you use an anonymous email service and pay by Bitcoin but this is not necessary. ExpressVPN have a Zero Log policy meaning they do not save any records of your IP, Location, Browsing History and so on. They are based in the British Virgin Islands and this region has no data retention law and therefore they are not obliged to keep any of this information or share it with any authorities. This is one of the many good things about ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Client download, setup and installation

Once you receive your email from ExpressVPN, open it and press on the Setup ExpressVPN Button. Once loaded, you will be on you account page on the ExpressVPN website. This page will give you access to your Activation Code and links to download various clients for the many supported devices.

ExpressVPN Subscription Email

In this case we will be downloading the Windows client to setup and test ExpressVPN on our Windows Machine. To download make sure you select the Windows tab from the left side of the page and then the Download button from the right hand side. You can install ExpressVPN on many other devices and platforms. You can see all of these and instructions on how to install and setup each device from your accounts main page.


Once downloaded follow the on screen instructions to go trough the installation process. This is very easy and straight forward. Press Sign In and enter your Activation Code (You can find this from the download page) You will also be promoted to choose to start the app with Windows Startup and if you want to participate in anonymous diagnostics information being sent to ExpressVPN to help improve the product.

Using ExpressVPN

Once installed and open you will be greeted with a simple screen. Here you have the Connect button and the Recommended Server listed. The recommended server is a server chosen by ExpressVPN based on your location and what they think will be the best one to connect to for the best performance.

ExpressVPN-Main App Screen

You have the option to manually choose a server of your liking. Maybe you want to connect from a particular country or region for whatever reason this may be. Keep in mind that using a server in a country far away will increase your latency and also impact your browsing speed. To do this press the three dots next to the Smart Location server. You will get a window with all available servers to choose from.

Another great feature is the Speed Test. This test can be found from the main app menu found by pressing the three lines. The speed test takes a couple of minutes to finish but you can get a good idea on how all the servers respond to your location based on latency and speed.

Once you have chosen your server or opted to stay on the one chosen for you, connect simply by pressing on the Connect Button on the top of the app. This same button can be pressed to disconnect once you are done.

Performance Testing

Testing out the service is pretty much limited to speed and performance testing. Their Zero Logging policy, encryption and other features are something that we have to take their word for, but from what we have been able to gather there has been no evidence what so ever of any leaks or breaches or information being provided to third parties or authorities so they seem to live up to their promises.

Whats we did to test the service is run a few speed tests using the smart location server chosen for us. We took data before using the VPN and then with it connected. Here are the results.

Speed Test – Direct connection – Without ExpressVPN Enabled


This test shows we are getting almost our full speed which is advertised at 250/15mbps. Also note this test was done over a Wifi Connection.

Speed Test – VPN connection – With ExpressVPN Enabled


As you can see from the test with the VPN enabled we have a higher ping and lower Download and Upload Speeds.


As you have seen the purchasing and installation process of ExpressVPN is very simple and straight forward. Finally the speed tests speak for them selves. Sacrificing a few Mbps in upload and download compared to the security, privacy and reliability you will get when using ExpressVPN is well worth it. We have been using ExpressVPN for some time now and it as never let us down. We recommend you give it a try and if its not for you always remember you have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.


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