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Safe and anonymous internet browsing using a VPN

What is and how to use a vpn

What is a VPN?

In a few words a VPN is a secure tunnel of communication between your device(s) and the internet. VPN’s will protect you from censorship digital spying amongst other things

What is and how to use a vpn

How does a VPN protect and help me?

  1. You will be able to unblock content not available in your location. Some services such as Facebook, Youtube, Netflix are either completely blocked or limited. A VPN can make you look as if you are browsing from another country in which all of these and many other services are available.
  2. Privacy! You can hide your true location and IP address. This will make it harder for hackers to track back to you and your devices making them less vulnerable to any type of hacking.
  3. Most VPN’s also offer a very high level of encryption meaning only you and the site you are visiting will know what you are doing. This prevents your ISP or your government knowing what you are doing and slowing you down or blocking you from doing what you want to do.
  4. Get the right deals always and any time. A VPN will prevent sites such as airline booking sites and offer sites from tracking what you have been looking it and changing prices and offers to get you to pay a higher price or rush you into an offer to get a quick sale.

What is and how to use a vpn

Is it easy to use a VPN?

Yes! Most VPN’s have apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices. Just download the app on your device and login with the account you have created (We will see more on this later)

One of the main options you would want to change is the location of the VPN server you are connecting to but other than that leaving everything on default would be just fine.

Choosing a VPN

There are many VPN services available and most of them offer the same functionality. Main differences would be number of servers and locations they offer. You can also check that hey have apps for all your devices and what type of security and encryption they offer they offer.

Before choosing your VPN make sure they offer what you need and allow the use of services you want to use. Main things to look for in a VPN are; zero logging, unlimited transfer of data, use of Torrents, use of TOR Network and use of media streaming service such as Netflix.What is and how to use a vpn

Be sure to test a few if you are not satisfied. Check if the VPN provider has a free trial or money back guarantee so you will be able to test and cancel your subscription if you are not satisfied.

Sign up and Install

This should be a breeze on almost all major VPN services. Go to the website of the VPN you have chosen, choose a plan, sign up and checkout. Once you have your username and password you can download the relevant app to your device and login. The rest is super easy, just load you app and connect (You can also opt to change server location before this should you need to do this)

Our recommendation

We have used many VPN’s personally both for personal and business use but the one VPN that never let us down was ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN are the No 1 trusted VPN in the world. They offer 100’s of severs in many countries around the world. They can protect your privacy by hiding your true IP address and true location and offer a zero logging service. Give them a try and if you are not satisfied no problems as they have a 30 day hassle free money back guarantee.  Read our full ExpressVPN review and guide here (Coming Soon)




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